SillyBeans's News   enjoy, I'm already working on my next two cartoons too!  So watch out in the future!

well here's something for you to think about while you say that. CAUTION NSFW 18+   

well I'll make this an update post, I'm totally not dead, I'm working on a bunch of art pieces and an animation for a collab that's due in 10 days.   So keep an eye out for that.


Also Follow @ryanstorm because he uploads political podcasts that I'll be in and a lot of other great Newgrounds artists and animators will be in it too, and make sure to follow those guys too because they are awesome...  i guess. well bye bye .  Will add a new post in the next 2 months lololololololol

18 + super sexy stream

2015-02-06 20:31:59 by SillyBeans   I will give you a free hug if you stop on by! :D


finally made another Vine

2015-01-27 22:54:53 by SillyBeans


2015-01-09 19:53:29 by SillyBeans

I just realized I am a day late, but whatever!! 1 whole year!  wow!


2015-01-04 01:52:55 by SillyBeans

I did this art. NSFW:  lol

The submit button was stuck, and I though it wasn' submitting until I went on my page and saw 4 art pieces.  I'll pay more attention next time!


2015-01-01 00:01:54 by SillyBeans

Hope this year can be a great one!


















Lol I'm pretty sure this was a joke though.