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Lol I'm pretty sure this was a joke though.

I will personally make it my DUTY!   to enure every single memember of this group gets the AIDS.   not only will they be sick, but will convince themselves that they are all going to hell.  lololololol




MErry Christmas!!

2014-12-25 00:13:51 by SillyBeans

Wish you all a safe, healty, great, blessed, and wonderfully magical Christmas to all the people on Newgrounds and your families!!   Also I made this short Cat Gif.  It was susposed to be a short animation but IDK.  lol

ugh, okay, so I'm not usually the one to get into heated debates that happen on about anything, and I'm usually a pretty silent person. But this whole situation, Not just Eric Garner, or Michael Brown or Akai Gurley, but also the aftermath surrounding these incidents it makes me seriously sick to my stomach, I've never felt THIS upset from the news before, and we've had dozens of horrific school shootings, the Marathon Bombing, and other horrible stuff that makes you sometimes lose hope in humanity sometimes. I can't believe some stuff police can get away with, I really felt bad for Eric Garner because all he was doing was selling cigarettes, it's not like he even stole them. I could understand the cop would have to put him under arrest because they did tell him over and over again to stop selling cigarettes. But, seriously, first off how many officers does it take to arrest one man, especially doing a misdemeanor. I felt really terrible for him because as an asthmatic, I know what it's like to be out of breathe, and having a bunch of guys on you on the ground makes it so much worse. Now, I can understand protesting, people have a freedom to voice their opinions and speech, but was killing two innocent police officers/human beings who had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH WHATEVER'S GOING ON, really something to call someone a HERO for? And if you still think he's a hero, he also attempted his girlfriend, who isn't even a cop, Thank god she is still alive, by the way! The worst part is everyone is so happy and saying that they deserved it like as if these cops went around murdeing and raping people in the streets. Then everyone want's to point fingers around and the NYPD disrespects their OWN Mayor. Seriously I feel really bad for the family of the deceased Eric Garner, they've had to stop talking and be quiet about him, because they don't want to add fuel to the fire. That is just not right, how can people encourage this behavior when the families who were affected the most ask to not commit more violent crimes, because it will only make their death in vain. People who commit or encourage crimes or murders in the name of victims of police brutality deaths, you are No different than the cops, and you have truly ruined the intention of other black people trying to show that, we aren't dangerous, stop trying to harass us!

I swear, I'm sick and tired of just EVERYTHING, I want to live in a world where we can all just get along and express our selves in a non-violent manner, which is what Martin Luther King JR would've wanted. But no, apparently that cannot happen, Police should be afraid of us and we should be afraid of Police and this whole country should go through some race war which would permanently destroy our country/ even our WHOLE WORLD for good!!

Seriously I just, I just can't believe people, I don't know what to say, it's just too much negativity especially a few days before Christmas, it truly breaks my heart, I literally almost started crying when I wrote this, it's just ridiculous.


Lastly everyone on Newgrounds, I hope everyone has a truly blessed and happy Holiday, despiste everything happening.  Sorry for this long and depressing rant, I promise I'll try to do something a little cheerful before Christmas.

it's not just me, it's everyone else too!   4911163_141848785421_gavvbv.jpg

Also I think making up something saying something like "I am gay" might be the best way to tell a girl you're not interested without hurting her feelings. LOL

4911163_141754784641_five_nights_at_freddys_by_mittenpatty-d80lwr5.pngdoesn't it?  lol I love looking a fan art to indie games.

You know what, that's fine, if you never want to forgive me and make something so little and stupid like a sexual sketch that happened back in March one time into something serious and a big deal, then I'm just sticking with Newgrounds forever! On top of that, i'm going to remove all of my art (every single one I did in the past 2 -3 years) that I posted and keep it in a flash drive!   Newgrounds is my Permanent home for ever!  I'm going to miss some of the friends I made on there, but some of my besties I had on deviantart are on Skype and I have made many more great friends and have been inspired a lot on Newgrounds.  So for all of you thank you for the support and this site and Tom Fulp, and the AAA.   Thank you, for your help these past months in inspiring me, I don't what I'd do without you :)  .   Newgrounds is truely a place I could call home for fellow artist and animators.  


Sorry, if this ranting about other sites annoys you guys, this will be the last time I EVER talk about that site I won't even mention the name anymore4911163_141634786743_Screenshot2014-11-1816.57.02.png

Just Saw Big Hero 6 today

2014-11-16 22:00:30 by SillyBeans

AND IT WAS AWESOME!  maybe even better than Wreck it Ralph and Frozen combined!!  anyways I'm streaming live on Picarto!  maybe might do some Big hero 6 fan art too (it will likely be better than Shadman's) lol Jk Shad. y'know I love ya!  I will only be on for about 20 minutes, but will be back on tomorrow at 6 PM EST!!!!   So yeah, thats it.  hope you guys had a great weekend!



I'm so fuckin' late with this!

2014-11-02 00:08:35 by SillyBeans

but here's what I got so far with my halloween cartoon.  I started it 2 weeks ago, which was ultimately my downfall and the fact that I'm completely new with Flash.   anyways hope you enjoyed part of it.

She Wrote:

Hello dear,

My name is Cynthia and i saw your profile
and i became interested to make friend with you.Some friends are remembered
because of their smile. Some friends are remembered because of their style.
But you are remembered because you are so nice to remember. pls i will like to
know more about you. if you can contact me through my email address here( I really
look forward to reading from you soon.
Yours Truly Friends.
Miss Cynthia


I don't know about her, she wants to get to know me more, yet she just joined today.   and the Letter just feels like something more universally written, like she wrote this as a chain to a bunch of people.   I just want to know if this is Legit, or something.