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This is the first thing I thought when I got into Tyler the Creator and Odd future several months back.   When I saw their album cover I though he looked so much like Michael Cera who was Scott Pilgrim.  It's not important, but I just love finding4911163_141311935852_LucasanMichael.jpg look a likes.  yeah..   I hope to start posting videos on a weekly 2 weeks tops basis, I'm also working on several Animations.   I know i've been talking about posting an animation but I keep on getting inspiration for more, now all of a sudden I'm working on like 4 different one practically at the same time.

yeah, that was mostly a joke title, Sam Pepper is not talented enough to join Newgrounds, especially if he was THAT desperate for laughs.  do you guys think he should go to jail for what he has done.  I feel like now seeing all the stories come it seems it would be a little more of an appropriate punishment if he would face his victims in a courtroom.  But I don't know.   

OMFG you guys look at this! it's so scary

2014-09-22 16:49:50 by SillyBeans

4911163_141141904093_omfg.jpgWell I guess it's scary if you're superstitious or something.  But still a, creepy, unsettling Coincidence. lol

Removing all terrible art I have

2014-09-22 12:20:42 by SillyBeans

yep anything that got below a 3 is out of the portal.   which was like only about 4.   but you can find them again on my Wysp.      well one of them for now anyways.  peace!


This just went down again from a 3   I'm wondering If I should just get rid of this one too.

Seriously this just cracked me up XD  go here to see it and talk some sense into this guy XD  To make a video dubbing over this guys video XD .  do it on Instagram, Youtube, facebook, twitter, vine, vimeo, dailymotion, niconico ETC. any video site and share it in the comments section.   here's mine! 

so yeah, hopefully it can help me improve my skills to provide better quality Material to the domain of Newgrounds, and perhaps get a few more animations in before the year ends, I'm already planning 2 and 1 for halloween, 1 for Thanksgiving and 1 for christmas!   So if all goes well, I get off my lazy ass and stop looking at stupid grounded videos on youtube and stay on top of it, I'll be all good!

Getting into Facebook Again!

2014-08-12 11:50:53 by SillyBeans

Like my page if you like my Art work.  and Also get exclusive look at my new animation.  I post part of it on their later this week.

Banned from Deviantart... AGAIN!!!

2014-07-29 13:50:41 by SillyBeans

I don't know how they were able to do it.  I'll never get my account back ever!!  I miss that site so much, well mostly the friends and the attention I got on there.   


Well here's a lesson for all of you,if you decide to doing something stupid out of entertainment, don't it. Lol it's been over 4 months since the incident happened too.  I guess i'll just have to wait a couple more months and hope they're able to get rid of the ban. :(


So in conclusion:  I'm just going to forget about that site and continue on this one and start animating.