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Jimmy Neutron Face switch

2014-06-21 15:52:17 by SillyBeans

Something I did in my spare time.4911163_140338031183_facemorphJimmyneutron.jpg






Childish Gambino!

2014-06-19 22:48:58 by SillyBeans

HE is officially one of my favorite rappers!!!

I've never told you guys this

2014-06-15 11:38:23 by SillyBeans

But my fans mean so much to me!   all I can say is thank you, it shows believe in me and you see potential and I'm sorry I've been a little inactive, I hope to not disappoint you in the future.  You guys are the one's who've helped me when I wasn't able to go back to Deviantart before.  You were the guys to take notice to my art, and I really appreciate it.  Just wanted to say that!


Also I wanted to say I'm about to post two more drawings on Newgrounds this week, so be on the lookout, thanks :)

Well, I've animated a little before, but this will be my first real animation.   4911163_140245575553_sneakpeek.jpg

and he's been taken to a hospital just 10 miles from where I am.   I really hope him and his friends get better and hope Jimmy Mack rests in peace.   (just beware that this is kind of graphic)

Just turned 19

2014-05-05 20:14:56 by SillyBeans

Now I can buy Tobacco in NJ!   Woo hoo?  

Hiatus until Mayo De la 16th

2014-04-30 20:35:32 by SillyBeans

Yeah, I don't know why I wrote it in spanish XD   but yeah, I'm not going to really be on until May 16th.   But I will continue posting art from time to time, but it will be old art in which I actually think you guys might like, and my flash that I'm doing for a project in my Design class.   Anyways, yeah that's it.

I'm Gomen!

2014-04-28 11:42:24 by SillyBeans

I'm not going to be able to post the animation as soon as I posted before, I changed what it was going to be and I'm still trying to work with the program and it's taking longer than I thought, I also have school everything so, I'll try to finish as soon as possible but no more promises. 

going to make animation soon

2014-04-17 10:38:47 by SillyBeans

can't wait, it will porbably be done in a week