the Video Game Girls Collab (and Happy New Years)

2016-12-31 21:22:42 by SillyBeans First off I want to share this since it didn't really get the recognition that I was hoping, which was my fault, I released it, it got rushed and ended up with a lot wrong with it, so I had to fix it up and I reposted the same project a month later.   But Everyone worked hard on it, so I'm trying to get this a little more recognition and I realized I never made a Front page post about it.  


ALSO, I know I haven't released much this year, and the only stuff I posted was crap, I've been busy with a full time job so I can afford to go back to college, but for 2017 I'm aiming to find a way to make more time to do what I love, hopefully in comissions, also still in the process of trying to get better in what I do.  


Anyways, I guess that's it.  it's still 2016 where I am as of right now.  But I hope you all have a Happy New Years! 


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2016-12-31 21:29:50

i cant watch it because anime and drawing females as a whole is outlawed in my country (laos)


2017-01-01 00:23:22

Happy New Year man, best of luck.


2017-01-01 11:23:54

With all things considered, I can only wish you a Happy New Year! And good luck with everything in 2017.


2017-02-09 23:27:50

I'm l8, but happy new year m8